I will be the first to admit that I was not doing much on my Facebook Business Page a few months ago.

I was not going live or creating live video on my page much.

We are talking Namibia desert dry (a small reference to Africa, where I am from).

In all honesty – I did not see the point of using it for my business.

I had an engaged Facebook Group, which I loved to show up in on a weekly basis. Why also post on my Facebook Business Page?

Then, one of my private Facebook Group members asked me how I was using my own free 2018 Content Calendar.

I decided to show her how to do this and also used this as my inspiration to go live, or make a live video on Facebook, for 30 days.

Did I do it? Yes!

How did I do it?

I started my 30 days by using my own free 2018 Content Calendar as inspiration for my daily videos.

You can download your free copy of my calendar here.

I used the daily calendar prompts to create Instagram posts and talk about the post in a live video on Facebook the same day.

I would also post the Instagram posts on my Facebook Page using an automation tool – IFTTT. It worked surprisingly well!

Watch the video below where I explain how to use the tool.

I did not have to think of what to say – I could simply use my calendar each day and create a short video about it that evening.

My Facebook Business Page started getting new likes, reach (brand new people seeing my posts and videos) and high engagement.

What I struggled with?

I love to think outside the box and wanted to “freestyle” some of my live videos.

This meant that I did not always wanted to, or did, follow the daily prompts in my calendar as this felt too rigid.

However, the days where I “freestyled” my videos, soon started feeling energy draining.

I ended up having to rack my brain about what to talk about and definitely did not enjoy the videos creation process that much.

In hindsight, I feel I should have stuck to the daily prompts.

Was it worth it?

You might love (or love to hate) Facebook – yet you cannot deny the amazing marketing opportunities on offer, especially as a service-based business owner.

Facebook allows a single entrepreneur, coach, photographer or artist to create a small business empire and has made it very clear that it loves video and that it will promote video content over anything else.

As business owners using Facebook – we need to listen and implement this.

Before this challenge, I would go live once a week, but I could not see the effect this had on my business page.

After going live for 30 days, I saw increased reach, higher engagement, new page likes and overall higher energy on my page. I loved this!

Yes! I am considering doing this again – but following all of my tips when I do. ?

A few lessons learned:

1. Pump up your energy when you go live!

Your energy shows when you create a live video. Make sure you create your video early in the day or at least pump up your energy 110% before you sit down and hit record.

2. Plan ahead and make sure you know what you will talk about and why

This was a key point which my free 2018 Content Calendar was a huge help with.

The days where I followed the calendar, felt exciting and easy. The days where I “freestyled” felt less easy.

Planning = freedom and ease.

3. Be consistent and realistic

I intended to go live for 30 days consecutively, but I ended up missing a few days as I a) did not plan my live videos ahead and b) felt exhausted or uninspired.

I decided not to give up or be too hard on myself after these “off days” and simply jumped back in and created more videos the next days.

As a business owner, consistency online is key to showing people that you can be trusted – yet your energy is also key.

Be realistic and honest with yourself and your audience. Your energy and honesty will lead the way.

4. Warn people when you plan to go live, share your video in your groups and tag anyone else in your video

To ensure your video gets seen organically, by as many of your page followers possible, it is key that you warn people when you plan to go live or schedule your video at a set time.

This way, people can join even if the video did not pop up on their feed. An email to your email list with a reminder works well too.

I also noticed that the video where I tagged my boyfriend got a lot of reach as most of his friends also saw the video.

Make sure you tag anyone in your video to reach as many new people as possible.

5. Do something interesting, cover a topic in a new way or go to a new location

My two most-watched videos were the two below. In these videos, I did something interesting or spoke about a new topic. Click on the images to watch the videos.

6. Ask viewers to share your video and use a hashtag to find related content

The video with the most reach was shared into other groups or pages. By asking watchers to share my video, I managed to get in front of new eyes and people and this created a domino-effect of engagement.

I also used a unique hashtag in the description of all of my videos (#30daysofcontent) and asked anyone else on Facebook who did this challenge, to use the same hashtag.

This encouraged people to take part. By using the same hashtag, I could easily find anyone else joining me during the 30 days.

7. Strategise your videos and your watcher’s journey for the best results

You can definitely make the most of your 30 days by planning ahead and understanding what your goal is with the challenge.

Do you want to reach more people, grow your page, sell a product or program or create awareness of who you are? Whatever your goal, think of next steps.

What do you want people to do? Which actions do you want them to take? What will your videos lead to?

Looking back on the past 30 days, I would definitely do this challenge again and also encourage you to try this for your business.

The statistics

During the first week I saw the highest statistics –  2 April – 8 April:

The last and final week’s statistics for 3 May – 9 May:

Try it and comment below with your results!

Watch all 30 days worth of videos on my Facebook page.


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  1. Rike on 2018-05-11 at 10:19 pm

    Very inspiring! Thanks for taking such massive action and sharing your insights with us. That’s very helpful. Gets me motivated to go live on my fb page soon again as well!

    • Eddette Steynberg on 2018-10-01 at 7:44 pm

      Awesome Rike! Definitely go live – it outs you in front of so many new followers.

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