How Kim Trathen Went From Terrified Of Marketing Herself To Earning $8000 A Month As An Online Entrepreneur

I have had so many wonderful students come through the doors of The Content And Marketing Academy, but one of my most amazing and inspiring success stories is Kim Trathen. I thought today I would let her share her story with you as a small reminder of how drastically your life and your business can change when you just commit to a solid marketing strategy and really put in the work.


Kim Trathen


Kim Trathen: Business Coach

What Do You Do:

I’m actually in a very similar space to Eddette, I help business owners create social media to attract clients online.

How did you start doing what you do?

I’d been in marketing in the corporate world for years but my background is in statistics so when I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur, I actually created myself a Venn diagram. I listed my skills on one side of a page and my passions on the other side and looked at where they overlap. Crossing my marketing skills with my passion for helping women just made sense.

I believe this approach is what really helped me find a career that I love.

How Did You Market Yourself When You Started Out/Before MCA?

Before MCA I had been building my email list quite loosely over 8 months. I would put a freebie out there or share a post in a group now and then but had no real strategy in place. This had built me a list of around 100 people, but at this point, I had worked with only a couple of one-on-one clients.

How did you find your way to MCA?

I initially joined the Facebook group as part of the Live Stream Challenge. I knew I needed to connect with my audience on a more personal level to really get my business flowing, but was terrified of actually doing it.

I literally thought I was going to vomit the first time I went live, but now it’s super fun to me!

The fact is, people, get to know, like and trust you so much faster via the Live experience. You might be terrible at first. (I sure was), but you have to start somewhere. Practice really does make you better, and you know what? You’re not gonna die if you have a bad Facebook Live.

By the end of the challenge, I knew that working with Eddette was what I needed to really get my business straightened out.

At the time, I didn’t really have the extra money for MCA, but I’m a big believer in creating your own opportunities and making things work for you. I decided to run a 4-week beta program specifically targeted at women in the salon industry starting an online business and made $600 back on my investment before I even started.

Tell Us About Your MCA Experience

I loved being part of MCA. Eddette helped me really get my business fine-tuned. With her guidance, I was able to create a clear vision, work out where my strengths lie, how I can help my clients best and take the steps towards my own big program launch.

By the time I graduated, my business had really started to gain traction. I felt super blessed and super excited. Not only had I significantly expanded my online presence and my network locally, but I also had my largest month to date and made $3000.

How Did Things Change With MCA?

I started with MCA in September 2018 and by October I added around 400 people to my list.

At MCA I learnt how important it is to be more definitive in your targeting. I had not gotten specific and niche enough in the past and worked out I was paying anywhere between $12-21 per lead. My ads were not performing well at all, so I would often freak out and pull them part way through a campaign.  

A really valuable thing I learnt from my time with Eddette is that your email list does not need to be big, it’s about getting the right people in front of you. When I learnt the right strategies and applied it to my audience, my costs went down to $1-2 a lead.

By the end of the course, in November 2018, I had grown my list to around 750, by using the new freebie I had created and actually promoting and getting it out in front of people.

So What Happened After MCA?

Only 2 months after MCA to the day I ran my first 5-day challenge and the results were amazing. When I looked at the analytics of my group, that first week that my challenge ran, I had over 13,000 pieces of engagement.

From here I went forward to do a big program launch and I am super excited to share that the launch far exceeded all my expectations and made $8000!

How Much Credit Do You Give MCA For Your Success?

MCA 100% contributed to this.

What Now And What’s Next For You?

Currently, I offer a few different coaching options. On top of that I’m keeping my free Facebook group open and testing the waters to see what my audience want.

I’ve just brainstormed 9 new program ideas and I’m really excited to see what is more beneficial for my audience.

Mostly I’m just having a lot of fun right now, I’m starting to do podcast interviews and lots of good things are coming.

Any Advice For Fellow Online Entrepreneurs?

Just get active online!

It is such a confidence booster hopping in a group and sharing your knowledge. I think often people get so hung up on “‘I can’t share my freebie or link’’ that they forget about having real conversations with people. When you’re new you can feel like your idea isn’t validated enough to share your opinion, but going into groups, having a conversation and sharing your knowledge can be a huge confidence booster.

When you put yourself out there, engage, help and support from a place of truly wanting to serve other people, you’ll get noticed and your visibility grows.

Watch the full interview with Kim here

Are you ready to dive in and make your online business dreams really fly like Kim did?

The Content and Marketing Academy is here to help you get out and get seen by not just anybody but by the right people for you and your business. Check out my signature course (the very same one that helped Kim) here.

I would truly love to see where we can take your business.

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