Pricing your online course

How to price your online course

In this training we go through pricing your online course and how to select a price for your online course.Get free access to my Course Price Google doc at the end!We are looking at:- how to price your online course (using a spreadsheet)- why you should use premium pricing- how to justify a higher price point

Gepostet von Eddette Steynberg am Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2020

There are many factors which affect the sales of an online course.

You have to think about your audience, the name of your course, the structure of your course and the topic of your online course.

One of the factors which can have a big impact on the sales of your course is how you price your online course.

Here’s a breakdown of the video:

3:28 Why charging too little affects how your course is perceived

5:23 The costs of marketing and advertising your course is costly – so you need to charge accordingly

9:16 Competing on the price of your course is a race to zero. Discounting is not the way to make a living form courses – the moment you start to compete on price you have missed the point of creating value.

10:16 A low-value course attracts students who are not as invested in the course or their results. I saw this a a wedding photographer first-hand. When brides and grooms cared more about the cost of the photographs than the quality of the work, they ended up arguing every penny and the photographer did end up happy either.

12:54 An example of the only time you would ever discount your online course.

14:52 The length of your online course should not have any influence on the cost of your course.

17:37 Starting at a lower price point allows you to raise your prices and grow into your course price.

Because this is a topic almost every entrepreneur can relate to, I want you to head to our private Facebook community and share what actions you’re taking to increase the price of your online course.

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