The Ultimate Content Creation Guide For 2019

You’ve figured out that quality content is the secret ingredient to your business success. Now all you need to do is create it.

Let’s be real, if it were easy, you’d probably have done it by now.

That’s precisely why I’ve put together this handy guide, to help get you thinking about the right things and get started on making your best content marketing plan ever.

What is digital content?

To quote, the Sound of Music, Let’s start at the very beginning.

Any data or media that exists digitally is digital content. This can include content that is digitally broadcast, streamed or stored in computer files in a number of specific formats.

There are 3 main types of digital content: audio, video and written.


As our lives get busier, we get better at multi-tasking. Unlike written content, audio is great because people can literally listen to what you have to say whilst they’re driving the car, cooking dinner or relaxing with their eyes closed. No wonder everybody’s listening to podcasts these days.


More people are now watching videos than reading content online. So getting in on things like YouTube and Facebook Live streaming is vital for expanding your audience. Don’t Panic! You don’t need to be Scorsese and create anything super flashy. Simply, finding a quiet spot and filming some short videos about what you have to offer with your smartphone can be the ideal place to start.


Blogs, articles, e-books; there’s a different kind of written content out there for everyone. Written content might be old school but it’s still the ideal place to start as well as being a great accompaniment for any audio or video content you create.

Content that inspires action

It’s one thing to create great content, but another thing entirely to create content that leaves people inspired to take action. This is why the first vital step of your content marketing plan, is to gather an understanding of your customers and the 3 key stages of their buying journey.

Awareness :

First up, your potential client realises they have a need. They’ll start by looking into various solutions, assess the priority of the need and generally seek information. Ideally, you want them to find you as an option during this early stage.


Now that the need has been more clearly defined, options are more deeply researched and considered. Pros and cons will be weighed. How does your service match up against others?  It’s also worth thinking about how your potential clients are most likely to educate themselves. Are people searching on Google, trawling Instagram, or listening to Podcasts. This will help you figure out where you should be targeting your marketing options.  


Finally, a solution is decided upon. In making a final decision, what evaluation criteria are potential clients likely to have? What sets you apart from the competition? If you want to win a clients business, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Which brings me to my next topic:

How to stand out with outstanding content

If 2 stores are selling the same pair of shoes at the same price, but one gives you a free pair of socks. It’s likely you’ll choose the option with the freebie, right?

So, what makes you stand out from the competition?

This is where value-adding comes into play. If you want clients to choose you, you need unique, original content that your audience can’t find anywhere else. Think a free e-book, training course, membership to a community of like-minded others or a promo offer.

Create something people want, and people won’t want to miss out.

Content creation: How to batch + repurpose

I know what you’re thinking. This content thing sounds like a lot of work if we want to keep distributing regularly. Let me share a secret with you; you don’t have to create regularly in order to distribute regularly. This is where batching and repurposing revolutionises your marketing game.

Batching is the marketing equivalent of cooking a big pot of soup and freezing some for later. Set aside some time, really think about your customers and their needs and create a structured collection of focused content in one go. All that’s left to do is simply cut, paste and click send on your weekly interactions. Goodbye weekly stress.

Repurposing is taking the same information but sharing it in various ways. For example, something you shared in an email that can later be used in a podcast or video. Don’t feel like you’re cheating, different people learn and seek information in different ways. You’re simply covering as many bases as possible.

Life just got easier. Content marketing plan, tick.

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Keeping content fresh and inspired

Stuck for ideas? Asking questions on your social media pages is a great way to engage with your audience and also learn what they want. Asking for feedback from previous clients is similarly helpful. Creating a system for consistently generating and keeping track of new content ideas and topics is something that we highly recommend.

Project and task management has never been easier with the constantly growing pool of content creation tools and resources available online. Check out programs like Asana, Trello and AirTable and see what suits your needs best.

Of course. if you’re old school, there’s nothing wrong with a diary and pen either.

Content to drive website sales

So for starters, we need to get people onto your site.

Chances are SEO is on that pile of things you’ve heard of but feel like you’re not tech savvy enough to understand but taking the time to learn a few tips and tricks could literally save you bucketloads in paid advertising.

SEO is about using your content to make you more easily searchable online. Understanding the right words and phrases to incorporate in your content so that people actually find you in a search will grow your audience exponentially.

Once people land on your website there are a few things you can do to make their experience easy and appealing:

  • Keep your home page simple and clear. If people aren’t sure you can actually help them with their problem, they’ll click over to somebody else’s site.
  • A combination of video and written content on key pages is a great tactic. People are often much more likely to watch a short video that clearly explains what you do than read large amounts of text.
  • Capture potential clients’ email addresses so you can continue the conversation after they’ve left your site. A free opt-in is a handy way to do this.

How to use content to grow your business:

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

As I just mentioned, a free opt-in is a great way to grow your email list or social media following and build an effective sales funnel. By filing a niche and answering clients questions, without being pushy and sales-y you start to build trust.

Trust is what ultimately makes sales.

Ultimately creating a quality content marketing plan is all about understanding your audience.

Give value, inspire action and get paid.

Happy content creating.

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